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And In Love I Live

Bahrami, Pante A. 2008.

105 min. Germany.

“And in Love I Live” is a documentary film about political activities and experiences of three generations of female political prisoners in Iran during the past five decades. In this documentary, thirteen women talk about their political activities and prison experiences. The documentary includes reconstructed scenes of some of the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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From Scream to Scream

Bahrami, Pante A. 2005.

Germany.  30 min.

From Scream to Scream is the story of a young, female artist who spent eight years in jail for her political activism in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In spite of her confinement, she was able to produce more than 200 paintings and drawings and smuggle them out. This documentary includes interviews with this courageous artist in her exile in Scandinavia and shows some of her artwork.

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Scream to Scream

A Few Simple Shots -A Documentary on Human Rights Violations in Iran

Akrami, Joseph. 2004.

90 min. Canada

Through first-hand accounts in Persian and English by Iranians who say they were tortured for their beliefs, filmmaker Joseph Akrami chronicles human rights abuses by Iran’s Islamic fundamentalist government. All the Iranians in Mr. Akrami’s 90 minute film now live in Canada. He also interviewed Canadian human rights groups, United Nations representatives, and immigration lawyers such as Mary Tatham. Mr. Akrami shows the faces of those whom he says are some of those Iranians, including members of opposition movements, journalists, and students. It provides detailed evidence of the systematic brutalization and torture of the Iranian people and portrays this brutality as the essence of the Iranian regime, not simply a technique to ensure its own survival.

The Tree That Remembers

Raouf, Masoud.  2002.

Canada. 50 min.

2007 Women Political Prisoners of Iran

The Tree that Remembers is Raouf’s compassionate reflection on the betrayal of the 1979 Iranian revolution and the tenacity of the human spirit. Raouf assembles a group of Iranians, all former political prisoners like himself who were active in the democratic movement. Blending their testimony with historical footage and original artwork, Raouf honors the memory of the dead and celebrates the resilience of the living. While anchored in a specific history, The Tree that Remembers reflects on the broad themes of oppression and survival, pouring light into a somber universe and finding unexpected fragments of hope.

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

This film is now available online. Please click here.

Red Names

Arshadi, Shahrzad and Amin Zarghami. 1999.

12 min. Canada.

This is a short video celebrating the legacyof thousands of women who lost their lives in Iran between 1979 and 1999 due to their political, social and religious beliefs. For Amin Zarghami & Shahrzad Arshadi, working on this video was an opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of these women – some of whom they knew personally – and grieve their loss. It is intended as a testament both to their suffering and to the political tyranny that led to their execution.  Please click here to view a pdf of the poster: Red Names.

Red Names