In 2012, Visualizing Palestine came together to raise awareness of Palestinian administrative detainee Khader Adnan’s 66-day total voluntary fast. Coverage of Adnan’s hunger strike was limited and often presented in the narrow context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This visual explaining the feat of physical and mental endurance within its historic context as a political tool of protest allowed individuals across the world to empathize with prisoners on hunger strikes.

While campaigning for Arash, Iranian activists looked towards the hunger-strike-infographic to raise awareness about his personal and political struggle. Together with Iranian activists, VisualizingPalestine extended the timeline toadd an (unfortunate) new notch in solidarity with Arash.


Visualizing Palestine (VP) is a portfolio of Visualizing Impact (VI) launched in January 2012. VI is a non-profit interdisciplinarycollective that uses data, technology, and design to communicate about critical social issues around the world. Visualizing Palestine creates community-empowering visual tools that describe a factual, rights-based narrative about the Palestinian-Israeli issue through data-driven journalism. Our researchers, designers and technologists work in partnership with civil society organizations and other change makers to promote universal values of equality and dignity.


“For the Love of Palestine Stories of Women, Imprisonment and Resistance”

By: Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

In partnership with: Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

Access the PDF here:  for-the-love-of-palestine.


Posters and postcards taken from the Abu Jihad Museum for Prisoners Movement Affairs in Jerusalem.

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