Walls to Bridges

the walls to bridges mobileThe Walls to Bridges Collective is a group of women, incarcerated and non-incarcerated, who have been meeting twice a month since January of 2012 at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario. Through education, advocacy, dialogue and collaboration, in the community and inside prison, Walls to Bridges seeks to raise awareness about the need for educational justice, the forces of criminalization at work in women’s lives, and the change-making power of collective learning.

Inspired by the opportunity for a respectful exchange with people who have experienced imprisonment in Iran, we sat together at Grand Valley Institution and shared one pair of scissors, one roll of tape, and much coloured paper and connection, and we made a collection of birds with words as a reach-out between our communities.  They hang in a circle to represent the community and solidarity we feel. May the circle grow!

For more information, see the web-site of the Walls to Bridges Collective