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Golroch Jahangiri – Lovers’ Creed, Prison Songs

سیدیجدیدگلرخجهانگيري، تبار عاشقان سرودهاي زندان. آهنگهاهمهازمحمودرمضانی. پنجشعرسرودههایزنداناستازکتاببرساقهیتابیدهکنف”  ایرجمصداقییکشعرازخسروگلسرخیوگلپامچالترانهمحلیگیلکیبااجرايمتفاوت 

تابستان ٢٠١٣ منتشر شد


The Heights of a Rare Voice

hightsofrarevoiceShirin.  Compact Disc.

2005.  Quebec, Canada.

This collection belongs to a generation whose story remains untold to the youth. I who come from this generation have found a voice to tell my story in the language of music. This is a story of my childhood, my adolescence of revolution as I experienced it and exile. This album is an invitation to a life of quest and pursuit. An invitation to try living in a world that appreciates humanity and is full of love happiness, and unity. Please click here for the CD insert: Hights of Rare Voice.